Witness said Dr. Lazzarini made admission in shooting case, according to warrant

Press conference Friday.

Dr. Adam Marcus Lazzarini caused the death of William Player Holland while engaging in conduct showing reckless disregard for the safety of others. That’s the content of the warrant used by the Cayce Public Safety Department to arrest Lazzarini last Thursday.

Lazzarini’s bond was set, Friday, at $250,000 on charges of involuntary manslaughter and  obstructing justice.

Lazzarini, 46, was arrested in connection to a shooting that occurred at 256 Hunters Mill Dr., on Oct. 9, 2017. Then, on May 1, Vanessa Brooke Biery, 43, was found dead in her home, at 256 Hunters Mill Dr., of unknown circumstances.

Biery’s death was reported by her husband, Lazzarini.  Autopsy results are pending, but Cayce Department of Public Safety Chief Byron Snellgrove said Biery’s death is considered suspicious.

According to the warrant against Lazzarini, released Monday, “While under the influence of alcohol,” Lazzarini fired a handgun that had been pointed at Holland’s chest, eventually killing Holland, 30, whose address is listed as Scranton, S.C. Holland’s body was found on a bedroom floor.

During the subsequent investigation, Lazzarini, according to the warrant, knowingly and willingly lied to investigators by providing false and conflicting versions of the incident.

Lazzarini, investigators said, also withheld information concerning a witness to the incident with the intended effect being the obstruction of the investigation. The witness has provided the details of the incident, police said, and a separate additional witness has provided details of the defendant’s admission a short time after the incident.

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