West Columbia “murder and mystery” tour scheduled for July 27

JR Fennell addressing West Columbia City Council

There will be a State Street Historic Tour conducted by J.R. Fennell, director of the Lexington County Museum.

The tour is scheduled for 8 p.m. July 27. beginning at the Amphitheater on the West Columbia Riverwalk. It will include State Street and end at the old Brookland City Hall on Center Street.

Fennell spoke to the West Columbia City Council Tuesday. He said the tour, with narration, will include murder and mystery stories that occurred in West Columbia. Some of the stories go back into history many years.   “There are some crazy stories,” Fennell said. The tour was conducted in West Columbia in March and Fennell said 200-to-250 people came out for it.

The murder and mystery tour is also conducted in Lexington. Fennell told of a colorful story from that tour. He said a pharmacist opened his business on a Sunday in 1919. It was a violation of the law to open on Sunday. The pharmacist was shot in the leg after an altercation with the Lexington Police Chief. The pharmacist eventually married the chief’s daughter.

Fennell did not divulge any of the details of the West Columbia tales. You’ll have to show up on July 27, to hear those stories.

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