West Columbia K-Mart to close

West Columbia K-Mart-WestMetroNews.com

The K-Mart store at 1500 Charleston Highway in West Columbia is closing by the end of the year.

The Lexington K-Mart at 748 West Main St. is closing, too.
K-Mart is closing several stores around the country.

There is a digital billboard sign where US 1 and Klapman Boulevard come together in West Columbia. It is advertising a “Closeout” sale at the West Columbia K-Mart because the store will close.

Both stores are expected to be closed by the middle of December. The company that owns Sears also owns the Kmart stores.


  1. My mother took me to Kmart all the time. When you go toKmart you always find what you want I am now 71 years old and still go to Kmart They sell the things that you can’t find anywhere else Things that we’re made and sold back in the 1950s, 40’s,60’s, 70’s, etc That is one store that could be counted on Don’t know what we are going to do without it I could always find clothes to fit me there Every place else is for younger adults. The older ones are forgotten about. Kmart never forgot Please don’t close. We need you

  2. Kristina M. Spires says:

    This is Heart Breaking News…
    K-Mart has been a mainstay in my life.
    When it opened in the 60’s, it was the
    place to go.
    My Momma passed away in 1982, the
    West Columbia store was the only
    place that she would drive to Columbia for.
    We lived in Wagener, S.C. and she was
    very intimidated by “city” traffic.
    She still went to K-Mart.
    My children all have pictures on the
    Merry Go Round and the Police Car.
    These are memories that are not
    Thank You for all of the Economic
    Advantages the you made possible for
    regular people to be able to afford.
    We weren’t all raised with Whites,
    Maces, Pennies and Belks.

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