West Columbia examines odor ordinance, suspends noise rules for new school construction

The City of West Columbia will look into adopting an odor ordinance. The idea was DI2debated at council’s meeting Monday.

Councilman Tem Miles said he is ‘thankful” council is discussing odors specific to the House of Raeford poultry processing plant on Sunset Boulevard.

Right: Don Icenhower of the Lexington 2 School District talks to council about new school construction.

Councilman Jimmy Brooks said odors should be addressed and added that all origins of odor should be examined.

“We should hold ourselves to the same standard,” Brooks said.

Mayor Bobby Horton said the chicken plant has been in the same place since at least 1965. He said issues at the facility have been resolved in the past.

City inspectors have visited the site of the plant and it’s possible that the transfer of fats, oils and grease to a transport truck could be the source of an unpleasant smell. House of Raeford management has been cooperative in looking for a solution, according to city officials.

Council also voted to suspend an ordinance that affects construction on Saturday at the site of the new elementary school in West Columbia.  Builders said in order to get the school completed for the beginning of the August 2018 school year, construction was needed during weekend hours. Construction crews were also granted eight days of extended-hour work times in order to pour concrete in a part of the day when temperatures are lower.

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