West Columbia codes manager to attend neighborhood meetings, address weeds, derelict vehicles, other nuisance violations

Officer Jeff Phillips addressing council in his new role as Code Compliance Manager.

The City of West Columbia has selected Officer Jeff Phillips to lead the Code Compliance Department as Code Compliance Manager.

Phillips will be attending homeowners association meetings, church groups, and civic and commercial organizations to get a feel for the culture of complaints and to explain the complexities and challenges of the job such as absentee land owners and dealing with issues that are not just a one time fix.

“Jeff will do a fantastic job as the manager of code enforcement,” said Mayor Bobby Horton. “His experience, background as a uniformed police officer, and kind personality combined with his no-nonsense approach will serve the community well.”

“It has been a pleasure serving as a police officer for the city for the last 15 years and I am looking forward to serving the city in my new role for many years to come,” said Phillips.

Phillips has been serving in a law enforcement capacity for 25 years. Prior to becoming a police officer, he served in the United States Army.

The Code Compliance Department responded to an average of 244 incidents per month, in 2018, to include the accumulation of weeds, derelict vehicles, and other nuisance violations.

To report a code compliance issue, please call the hotline at: 803-794-3506, Extension 805, or online at: https://westcolumbiasc.civicweb.net/Portal/CitizenEngagement.aspx.


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