U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson outlines his legislative priorities for 2018

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson and his wife Roxanne, Wednesday at his West Columbia office. ColaDaily photo.

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson  said Wednesday, he looks forward to backing the initiatives of President Donald Trump. 

Wilson (R-Springdale) was at his Sunset Boulevard office in West Columbia. It was part of a four-stop tour of three counties in the Second Congressional District. The tour was planned so he could talk about his legislative priorities for 2018. The next session of Congress begins on Monday.

Wilson said “creating jobs and economic growth” is one of his top two priorities. He said he will work with local chambers and agencies to bring jobs to South Carolina.

Wilson said ensuring a strong national defense is his second priority.

Wilson, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Congress, said he backs “President Trump’s pledge to promote peace through strength.”

“I’m grateful for President Trump’s leadership,” in foreign policy, Wilson said. He said he supports the president’s war on terrorism and the announcement to move the U.S Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Wilson said protesters rising against the regime in Iran are a result to Trump’s support. He also said he backs the expansion of the U.S. Military.

Earlier on Wednesday, VA-based Dominion Energy announced it would buy SCANA. Wilson called Dominion a “very responsible company.” He said he favors the $1,000 refunds Dominion said it would give to S.C. Electric and Gas customers. He also said reducing rates, as Dominion has pledged, is a positive move.

On the Trump tax cut legislation passed by Congress at the end of the year, Wilson said he is “thrilled” it passed and he has been thanked by constituents for its passage.

Wilson also said the ending of the Obamacare individual mandate, by passing the tax cut bill, is the beginning of the repeal of Obamacare.

Wilson said the sequester of military funding needs to end because it is preventing multi-year financing for training and equipment, and limits the military’s abilities.

Some political opponents attended the press conference, including Annabelle Robertson, a Democrat who is opposing Wilson in the Nov. election.

She asked Wilson if he supported Trump’s disparaging comments about the media. Wilson said it is not uncommon for a president to go around the media to get his message out.

Wilson was also asked about the move to reverse the “Net Neutrality” policy by the Federal Communications Commission.

Wilson said eliminating government regulations on the Internet is a positive move.

Wilson also lauded the success of BMW in South Carolina. He said that 10.4 million vehicles- more than any other state- are shipped out of South Carolina.

Wilson also said the Michelin plant in Lexington is selling tires for $60,000-apiece for mining trucks working on the Keystone Pipeline in Canada because Trump allowed the Keystone project to move forward.

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