Town of Lexington offers almost $1.6 million to buy Carolina Water Service I-20 plant

The Town of Lexington wants to buy the embattled Carolina Water Service’s I-20 plant. The town it made its offer public in a press release Thursday afternoon.

“Based on recent appraisal, the Town of Lexington has made an offer in the amount of $1.584 million to purchase the Carolina Water Service I-20 treatment facility and customer base,” was the content of a release from Jennifer Dowden, Lexington events and media coordinator.

After the offer was made public, officials with CWS responded, saying the offer is only a fraction of the worth of the plant.

The Town of Lexington release also read: “The offer is our latest effort to eliminate this discharge into the lower Saluda River and tie the facility into the Town’s regional sewer system.”

CWS has been cited and fined after discharge from its plant overflowed into the Saluda River. Several river-based businesses have filed a law suit against CWS, alleging that CWS has let polluted water seep into the river.

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