Time to build your 2020 Kinetic Derby Day soapbox car

Marlee Shuping in The Canary

Do you have a quirky, creative side just fighting to get out? Need a thrill to stir your inner child? It’s time to start get started on the building of your Kinetic Derby Day sculpture.

West Columbia’s Third Annual Kinetic Derby Day is April 25. Registration is open for the 2020 Kinetic Derby Day.

This year there there is a “dirty run” and a “clean run” for the Kinetic Sculpture Parade with obstacles that the sculptures can drive through to get dirty and increase the fun.   

“It’s an event that gets better every year,” said West Columbia Mayor Tem Miles. “And we are really anticipating Kinetic Derby Day. It’s exciting and I cannot wait until it gets here.

Register soon to get all of the latest details and get building on your sculpture or car. Also, say that

Click here for a link to more Kinetic Derby Day information

Miles is not the only one Thrilled with Kinectic Derby Day. 
“We’re definitely looking forward to Kinetic Derby Day 2020,” said Hamp Shuping.

His granddaughter raced an art car and it made a lasting impression. 
Nine-year-old Marlee Shuping, from Conway, won the Most Photogenic award at the Second Annual Kinetic Derby Day. Marlee is a big fan of Amelia Earhart and she decided to build a tribute to Amelia’s first airplane. That plane was a Kinner Airster biplane. It was painted yellow and named “The Canary.” 

Marlee was determined to present a replica of that place and race it in Kinetic Derby Day. She  helped design and build all parts of the Canary Car with her grandfather and team member Hamp Shuping.

“We heard about Kinetic Derby Day on the Internet,” said Hamp Shuping. “It was wonderful. Marlee was heavily involved in every part of it.” He said his granddaughter cut wood, drilled, and glued parts of her art car together. “She was right there.”

“The race was my favorite part,” said Marlee. “I was nervous but it was a lot of fun because I got to crash into the grits.” 

Joni Coleman is the director of the Lexington Two (Schools) Innovation Center. She said she is looking forward to the Kinetic Derby Day racing competition.

“Yes, we are definitely planning to participate,” she said. 

There was a Kinetic Derby Day Kinetic Sculpture Build Day Saturday, at the Cola Town Bike Collective in Columbia. 

Scott Neulton of the Cola Town Bike Collective was there to help all day. 
Kinetic Derby Day Kinetic Sculpture Build Day is hosted by the City of West Columbia and Plessinger Productions.

Town Bike Collective asked participants to: “Bring your creation, get inspired, and work beside others as they create their own mobile sculptures.”

Kinetic Derby Day is free and includes a kinetic sculpture parade, soapbox car racing for adults and children, art, food, and family fun.

The Kinetic Sculpture Parade takes place on Meeting Street. The adult soap box derby racing  is also on Meeting Street. Adults have two race categories, Art Cars and Need For Speed. Children ages eight-and-up will race on Meeting Street, too.

Besides students from the Lexington Two Innovation Center, River Bluff High School students are combining an English class project with physical science and that connection will be built into their soapbox racers. 

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