Time for a river float, Palmetto Outdoor is open

Palmetto Outdoor Center is open for the 2020 season.

Based at the West Columbia Riverwalk Park entrance, Palmetto Outdoor Center rents kayaks and tubes on a section of The Three Rivers that includes a series of white water rapids along with beautiful vistas.

Keep your eyes open and you may be able to spot a bald eagle swooping in to catch dinner for its young fledglings, said Palmetto Outdoor Center Owner Michael Mayo.

You also still may be able to see the Rocky Shoals Spider lilies blooming. It’s a protected flower that blooms in April and May. And if you have arachnophobia, don’t worry. The spider lillies have nothing to do with spiders, said Mayo, with a laugh.

For more information, check out Palmetto Outdoor Center or https://palmettooutdoor.com

Palmetto Outdoor at West Columbia’s Riverwalk

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