State Street merchants welcome Fall Back Fest in West Columbia, on Friday Nov. 3

West Columbia wants to attract business and interest to its community. The city’s involvement manifests in many ways. One of those ways includes special events.

The City of West Columbia invites you to Fall Back Fest on the 100 Block of State Street on Friday, Nov. 3, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.

The event features live music from After 10, food and beverages from Pawley’s Front Porch, Café Strudel, State Street Pub, 116 Espresso and Wine Bar, and Terra.

There will be live street mural paintings by Alicia Leeke, B.A. Hohman, Lucas Sams, Kara Gunter, Anthony Brown, Karl Larsen, Sammy Lopez, Michael Cassidy, and Michael Krajewski.

West Columbia Mayor Bobby Horton said the city is pleased to show off its hospitality.

Businesses on State Street will also have specials for the event in conjunction with the State Street Shopping Holiday Open House. Come enjoy the beautiful view of the city skyline, dine, stroll and immerse yourself in art.

The street will be dressed up.

“New additions of a stage, and a canopy of café lights, will transform State Street into a magical gathering. Fall Back Fest is a fun and exciting way to celebrate West Columbia and the time change,” said Kelli Ricard, the city’s events manager.

The festival is also a chance to attract visitors.

“Fall Back Fest brings people from around the Midlands to showcase the West Columbia Community and shop, dine, mingle, and celebrate art.” said Anna Huffman, West Columbia’s public information officer.

State Street, the home of the festival, is in the district of Councilman Tem Miles.

“The fall Back Festival brings people out. It’s a chance for friends and neighbors to meet and mingle” said Miles.

He also said State Street is a central area of West Columbia, and the festival is a good chance to show it off.

Karen Cuningham, is owner of “It’s the Little Things” home decor, gifts and furniture. She is looking forward to the festival.

“It’s the Little Things” will initiate its Holiday Open House on Nov. 3, coinciding with the Fall Back Fest.

“I will advertise the festival to all of my clientele,” said Cunningham. November is the most-important month for Cunningham and “It’s the Little Things. “I anticipate a big crowd.”

Cunningham is a full interior designer. Her shop also sells gifts. She said the Fall Back Fest will draw lots of people shopping for gifts.

“We have local pottery and I have a European flare. We have French jams and local artisan crackers and French soups. I want to be unique and we sell lot’s of one-of-a-kinds.”

Cunningham is the epitome of a State Street West Columbia business.

Customers are intrigued by the local business atmosphere on State Street. Cunningham said she hope the Fall Back Fest ends up attracting more businesses to State Street by heightened exposure.

“State Street is a hidden gem. It’s a great place for a business. I would love to see more businesses here.”

She also complimented the City of West Columbia for its involvement in sponsoring festivals.

John Kimber, front of hosue manager of 116 Espresso and Wine Bar, is looking forward to Fall Back Fest.

“It’s really a fun atmosphere and really a great time,” said Kimber. “You can get a glass of wine, or a beer, and walk around and look at the art.”

Kimber also said the city of West Columbia has been “incredibly cooperative” in providing events on State Street.

He said events like the Fall Back Festival bring in new people to experience the area, and it’s a good event for the regulars, too.

Mark Plessinger, owner of Frame of Mind Eyewear on State Street said the Fall Back Festival works well with the State Street Art Crawls held on the first Thursday of each month.

“It’s an extra boost,” Plessinger said. He also said the festival helps give the State Street area more legitimacy and more weight.

Frame of Mind sells eyewear and art. Plessinger said the festival appeals more to his art customers, but it also makes the market aware of his eyewear store.

Sara Cogswell is the owner of Gallery West. She said events like the Fall Back Festival, and the monthly art crawls, bring out a lot of people to State Street, and her shop, that would not know about it otherwise.

“A lot of people are surprised,” said Cogswell. The new visitors are good for business because Cogswell’s shop offers unique items.

“The things I have are very different. They are all artisan made,” said Cogswell.

She also said State Street is special and dear to her. “My heart is on State Street,” said Cogswell.

With so much energy surrounding the festival atmosphere, the Fall Back Fest is a can’t miss event. Be sure to mark the calendar and don’t miss it.

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