Saluda River, Springdale make adjustments at new locations

Saluda River Academy for the Arts for 20171-18

“It was an absolutely fabulous first day,” said Hope Vrana, principal at Springdale Elementary School.

Springdale students are attending school at the Davis Early Childhood Education Center building. Saluda River Academy for the Arts students are using the Taylor Elementary building this year. Their schools are being upgraded and modernized.

Dr. Travis Keller, assistant principal at SRAA, said students and staff are learning a new layout and adjusting to the routine, but the first day went well.
“We worked as a team to make it smooth,” Keller said.

Springdale Elementary’s new site.

Keller said SRAA receives lots of support from the families that make up the school. He said everyone knew they had to make the transition and volunteers came in to contribute so the day would go well.
“It was as smooth as it could have been,” said Keller.

Vrana said the student body at Springdale’s new location has changed to fewer bus riders and more car riders. She said parents were patient and cooperative and and everyone was attentive to the task. And that helped the flow of the day.

“We had all hands on deck,” Vrana said. “We had good support from faculty and staff.”
Vrana and Keller said they anticipate things will get even better as the school year progresses.
“We’ll work out the kinks,” said Keller.

Both student bodies will return to their respective schools next year.

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