Results of West Columbia City Council District 5 race overturned by county election commission

New members, with family, being sworn in, Tuesday, by Sen. Nikki Setzler.

The Lexington County Election Commission has overturned the initial result in the West Columbia District 5 City Council race.
And there will have to be another election to decide who represents the district, according to Dean Crepes, director of the Lexington County Elections office.
Marland Hardy Mitchell appeared to be the winner, 76-to-71, over Mickey Pringle after the Nov. 7 election. The seat was held by Boyd Jones before the election. He was seated during Tuesday’s council meeting.

But Pringle sent a letter to the county election commission last week claiming that several people got to vote, who were not legally eligible to vote in the district.

Pringle said people who did not live in the district or even in Lexington County voted in District 5. Pringle also said, in his letter, that poll workers encouraged people to vote without proper identification, and that poll workers encouraged voters to cast their ballot for a particular candidate.

Pringle said he was approached by multiple people regarding the voting issues. He also provided sworn statements to the election commission from people who said they voted, who shouldn’t have. West Columbia City Council was set to discuss the election Tuesday, during executive session, according to the agenda.

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