Repair of Springdale’s flood-damaged Wilton Road to begin in the fall

Wilton Road damaged.

A part of Wilton Road was washed out in the flood of October 2015. Now it is going to be fixed.

Construction to repair Wilton Road will begin in the fall, according to the S.C. Department of Transportation’s Tony Edwards, program manager for the Wilton Road Project.

“We are in the pre-construction planning stage now,” Edwards said Thursday afternoon.

Wilton Road is in Springdale. Wattling Road is to its west and I-26 and Rainbow Drive are to its east. Edwards said the plan is to have the road repaired by summer of 2020.

Since it was damaged, disputes over ownership of property and the permission to work on the site beside the road have delayed restoration. But those issues have been resolved.

West Columbia City Councilman Mike Green, along with Mayor Bobby Horton, saw SCDOT Secretary Christy Hall at the Municipal Association of South Carolina meeting in Greenville last week. Green said Hall told him a plan to repair the road had been developed.

Edwards said pre-construction work would be taking place until the contractor begins the repair in the fall.  The traffic count on Wilton Road, before it washed out, was 4,400-vehicles-a-day.


  1. Robert E. Brewer says:

    It is about time! There is no excuse for it taking this long!

  2. Willette E Corley says:

    I agree with Robert! It’s ridiculous to take FOUR YEARS to repair a short section of a two-laned road.

    Absolutely ridiculous!!!

  3. James Cathcart says:

    The county wanted the little old lady whose land butted up against the road to fix it because it was a dam for her pond. She told the county that it was their responsibility since it was a public road and that if she fixed it she was going to put up a toll booth at either end and collect money that’s what’s taking so long the county didn’t want to fix it

  4. mike powell says:

    SCDOT is so slow in everything they do even with all the money they have

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