Rep. Joe Wilson says he has faith Trump can negotiate end to shutdown

Wilson, with incoming District Director Alex Morris and outgoing District Director Butch Wallace.

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (SC- 2) said he believes in President Donald Trump when it comes to getting past the government shutdown.

The partial shutdown went into effect Dec.22 after Congress failed to allocate $5 billion requested by the president for a wall along the US-Mexico border.

“I have faith in President Trump,” said Wilson, of Springdale. “He is a negotiator.”

Wilson held a press conference in West Columbia Monday morning to preview his 2019 legislative agenda.

Wilson said he believes the impasse between the new-majority Democratic House and Trump will get worked out and he said it needs to be done before the end of January.

Wilson said the country’s Southern border must be protected to stop drugs, gang members, human traffickers and terrorists. He said he gets daily reports about the progress of talks to end the shut down. Wilson said he supports the declaration of a National Emergency by Trump in order to get funds for a border barrier, if Congress does not fund it.

Wilson also said he expects to keep making progress, despite being in the minority party in the House.

“With President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress, we have promoted positive conservative change, he said. “As a member of the minority, I will continue fighting for limited government and expanded freedom for American families.” Wilson cited Nephron Pharmaceuticals and owners Bill an Lou Kennedy and Bill Mooneyhan of Mooneyhan’s Auto Repair as local enterprises that have announced salary increases and expansion, respectively, because of the robust Trump economy.

Wilson, who is on the House Armed Services Committee, said he was pleased with passage of the most-successful, bi-partisan bill to fund the US military, reversing a declining trend in armed forces.

Wilson also said he looks forward to expanding economic opportunities with other countries, including Bulgaria, Poland and Guatemala.

Wilson announced Monday that District Director Butch Wallace will be leaving that post and Deputy Alex Morris will take his place. Stami Williams was also announced as Wilson’s new communications director.


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