Pine Ridge Middle School finishes PERFECT season in volleyball

By Wilson Ward

The Pine Ridge Middle School Volleyball is experiencing a season of excellence.

The Yellow Jackets are 14-0, capping off the regular season with a win over Batesburg-Leesville on Tuesday.
With that victory, PRMS enters the playoffs undefeated. The team hosts Carolina Springs on Thursday in the first round of the playoffs.

Brian Schaffer, a seventh-grade English teacher, is the head coach of the PRMS volleyball team. “This is a good, hardworking, group of girls,” said Schaffer.  He said he believes the team is succeeding due to their dedication. He also said that the team members are always thinking volleyball and play ‘club ball’ outside of the school team to stay sharp. “They always have a volleyball with them,” said Schaffer.

Lynn Bouknight, Pine Ridge’s athletics director, has watched the team develop all season. She said unity is a theme.

“They all get along. The level of teamwork is obvious,” said Bouknight. “They communicate well and you see that when they play.”

Bouknight also said the players blend well. She said the team is a 50/50 mix of seventh and eighth graders.

With the success, Schaffer and Bouknight said there is excitement in the air around the team and it grows with each win.
“You can see it and feel it,” Bouknight said. She added that members of the team are held in high-esteem due to their success.
Schaffer said cannot help but be proud of the Yellow Jackets. He said even though Pine Ridge is the second smallest school in the league, they have held their own against bigger schools.

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