New retail space, Dunkin’ Donuts, planned for Sunset Blvd. in West Columbia?

Is Dunkin’ Donuts coming to Sunset Blvd. beside Bojangles, at 2865 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia?

A sign on Sunset Blvd. next-to Bojangles in West Columbia indicates the addition of three new businesses, including a Dunkin’ Donuts.

PennTex Ventures Development has a sign on the shoulder of the road that reads: COMING SOON – NEW RETAIL SPACE AVAILABLE.

One of the three spaces in the rendering includes a Dunkin’ Donuts storefront. The other two spaces have “Retail Anchor” and “Retail” on them.

There is a number on the sign. A call to PennTex Ventures Development, with a message, was not returned.

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