Mike Green settling in on West Columbia City Council

West Columbia City Councilman Mike Green with Gov. Henry McMaster.

West Columbia City Councilman Mike Green was elected to his first full term on West Columbia City Council in November of 2017.
Before that, he served out the remainder of former Councilman Dale Harley’s term. Harley died in March 2017. The seat is in District One.
“I have enjoyed it,” said Green. “There have been ups and downs.”

Green also said it can be hard to get five people, on the council of nine voting members, to agree sometimes. But he said he feels council is a cohesive unit.
“A vast majority of council is getting together,” said Green. “We talk to each other a lot.”
Green said he does not feel he has made a major impact on council, but he is learning.

He said the most-important issue for him is to get Wilton Road repaired. It was damaged in the 2015 flood.
Green said development is another priority for council and he said he feels things are going well with the Brookland complex progressing. The enabling park near Riverwalk is another positive project said Green.

Developing the Triangle City area, attracting new businesses and revitalization, are important initiatives, along with drawing more opportunity in the Jarvis Klapman – 12th Street area that has not gotten as much attention as some other areas of the city.
Green said working to keep taxes lower is another accomplishment he is glad he could contribute to.

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