Mike Daikubara – The artist behind the food map distributed in West Columbia

Mike Daikubara

Mike Daikubara is an industrial engineer for Electrolux in Charlotte.

“I like to draw,” said Daikubara, who goes by the name “Mike D.”

West Columbia developer Joe Taylor saw some of Daikubara’s illustrations of the Adluh Flour Company on Instagram. Taylor liked the work so much, he contracted with Daikubara to create a colorful restaurant map of locally owned restaurants in West Columbia.

Mike D artwork.

“It was a really fun project,” said Daikubara. He also said Taylor was encouraging because of his energy and love for the local businesses and restaurants. Daikubara said he visited the sites in West Columbia and sketched them on-site in many instances. He took photos, too, and drew from the pictures he took. Daikubara said Taylor wanted me to eat at every restaurant, too.

“I’m not a big eater,” he said with a laugh, but he tried it and was impressed.

Food map.

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  1. Great project and gift from Joe Taylor. He could be reimbursed by the Hospitality Tax the cities receive.

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