Man reports seeing alligator on Cayce Riverwalk, Sunday

File photo of gator seen in 2017-City of Cayce.

An alligator was allegedly seen on one of the trails near Congaree Creek in Cayce, Sunday.

The man who saw the gator said it was between eight and ten feet long, according to ABC Columbia News. Don Vargo is the name of the man who sent the TV station a photo of a gator. Click here for a link to the story. 

Two years ago, on May 13, 2017, Cayce Department of Public Safety officers blocked off an area near the large bridge by SCANA and the Timmerman Trail, on the Cayce Riverwalk, because there was a large alligator in the area.

No word on whether this is the same gator from two years ago, or not.

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