Lexington Two seeks name suggestions for new West Columbia elementary school

Lexington School District Two wants input from interested parties in selecting a name for the district’s new elementary school.

The school is being built in West Columbia on Cougar Drive, off of Sunset Boulevard. District officials are also asking for input to determine the school’s mascot, and colors.

Voting will end at 3 p.m. on Aug 18.  Link to: New School in West Columbia Voting: Cast your vote for new elementary school, here

Brookland Elementary School, New Brookland Elementary School, Riverbanks Elementary School, Sunset Elementary School, and West Columbia Elementary School are on the list froom which to pick.
The list of possible mascots includes: Rapids, Blazers, Catfish, Sea Turtle and Bearcats.

In a year from now (August of 2018) students from BC Grammar School No. 1 and Pineview Elementary School will unite to form the new school’s student body.

There is a lot of excitement and anticipation regarding the opportunity to open the new facility. The district is asking for votes as it collects data from students, staffs, and community members. Please help spread the word. Lexington Two wants to know your opinions. Thank you in advance for voting and for your support.

You can also go to Pineview Elementary’s website to vote: Pineview Elementary Website

The school is being built with funds from a bond referendum approved by Lexington Two voters in 2014.

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