Lexington Two says Airport, Brookland-Cayce are not consolidating

The Lexington Two School District issued a press release Wednesday informing the public that Airport and Brookland-Cayce are not consolidating. The release was in response to information that the schools could combine.

The Lexington Two release is below:

A video surfaced last week presenting the idea of consolidating the district’s two high schools. This is not the case. There has been no consideration of consolidating Lexington Two’s high schools.

Airport and Brookland-Cayce High Schools both have rich and storied histories stretching back decades in this community. Both high schools have received significant upgrades and additions, thanks to voter approval in 2014 of a $225 million construction plan for district schools.

The Lexington Two Board of Trustees continues to support Airport and Brookland-Cayce as independent high schools — today and in the future.

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