Lexington S.C. House Rep. Rick Quinn resigns from office, pleads guilty to misconduct

Rick Quinn, S.C. House photo.

State Rep. Rick Quinn, of Lexington, agreed to plead guilty to one count of misconduct in office Wednesday. He faces a sentence of up-to one year in prison and a possible fine of $1,000. Quinn’s sentencing was delayed by state Circuit Judge Carmen Mullen. Earlier Wednesday afternoon, Quinn resigned from his state house seat.

As a result of Quinn’s guilty plea, charges against Richard Quinn, Rick Quinn’s father, are being dropped. Richard Quinn is also agreeing to cooperate with the continuing investigation of corruption among elected officials.

Lead prosecutor David Pascoe said in Quinn’s hearing Wednesday that he can prove the failure to disclose more than $4 million in income from lobbyists principles, associated with Quinn and the Quinns’ political consulting businesses.

Quinn, 52, a Republican, had earlier vowed to fight the charges against him. As a part of the plea deal Richard Quinn was given immunity for his future testimony to a grand jury. He will also have to pay restitution for the investigation of First Impressions, a Richard Quinn and Associates company. Rick Quinn became choked up in the court room and said the investigation of him and his father has taken a toll on his family and it’s why he agreed to plead guilty. He said the expense of litigation was also a factor.

Two other legislators have pleaded guilty as a part of Pascoe’s investigation. Three others are awaiting trials.

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