Lexington County Council elects Debbie Summers new chairwoman

Debra “Debbie” Summers

Larry Brigham

Lexington County Council convened on Tuesday, for a scheduled Council meeting and held and election for the new Chairwoman and Vice Chairman of Council. Cayce’s Todd Cullum is the outgoing council chairman.

Council elected Chairwoman Debra “Debbie” Summers, of Council District 4 – Springdale, parts of Lexington, parts of Oak Grove and parts of Cayce, to serve as this year’s Chairwoman of Council. Summers has been serving on County Council for 14 years and is in her fourth term.

Summers said she has served on all of the Council’s committees and has a working knowledge and understanding of the daily operations of the County of Lexington.

“I am excited about this new journey and to learn and grow within this position,” Summers said. “As a Council, we are going to work together to make good policy decisions that sets Lexington County up for responsible growth and a prosperous future.”
County Council also elected Vice Chairman Paul Lawrence “Larry” Brigham, Jr., of Council District 2 – Gilbert, Summit, Batesburg-Leesville, Western Lake Murray and Part of Fairview, to serve as this year’s Vice Chairman of Council.
In his tenure on Council, Brigham has been the chairman of the Planning and Administration committee and the chairman of the Public Works, Solid Waste and Airport committee. He has also served as a member of various other committees.

“We have a dynamic group of movers and shakers on Council,” Brigham said. “We are a fine bunch of nine, and I look forward to carrying the torch along with Chairman Summers to manage and sustain growth in Lexington County. As a team, all nine of us will continue to discuss and amend policy decisions for our future.”

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