Lexington 2 Board meeting on Heise situation concluded


Packed Board room.

There was a lot of anticipation regarding the employment fate of Brookland-Cayce High School Soccer coach Kevin Heise Thursday night.
A large crowd showed up at the Lexington 2 School Board meeting in support of Kevin Heise. Fans of Heise packed the District 2 Board room, overflowing into the lobby.

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  1. BILL MOONEYHAN sr. says:

    Bill Mooneyhan ·
    Make a decsion soon,right are wrong, the lawyers are smiling all the way to the bank with our money,our district is being laughed at by the buiness commuinty, who makes the final choice, who knows, i dont think they know how they are tearing this town apart, its time to close this book. grow up,

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