Lexington 2 School District passes $84.3 million budget, includes millage increase

Lexington Two School Board

Lexington County School District Two approved a 4.26 percent millage increase when the school board passed its $84.3 million budget, Thursday night.

The $756,703 increase will go to fund the addition of four middle and high school teachers; elementary and middle school library improvements; three mental health care professionals; teacher salary increases for 23 years experience; Special Ed. PE equipment; and a $43,990 contingency fund.

Marty Rawls, the district’s chief financial officer, said the increase will amount to $26 for every $100,000 of value of a business or an investment property.

Dr. Bill James, the Lexington Two superintendent, said owner-occupied homes- or primary residences- would not be affected by the tax increase.  The increase brings Lexington Two’s millage rate up to 150.72.

Lexington Two Communications Director Dawn Kujawa said the increase was the district’s first millage increase in at least 15 years. Lexington Two voters approved a $225 million bond referendum for new school buildings, in 2014.

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