Lexington 2 School Board recognizes SC Junior Scholars

The Lexington 2 School Board recognized SC Junior Scholars at its meeting Thursday. They are: Busbee Creative Arts Academy: Rylee Burr

Fulmer Middle: Jackson Bouknight, Arthur Kaminski, Chase Keisler, Sally Skinner

Pine Ridge Middle: Tiffany Lin, Jillian Jacques. Jordan Jacques, Jennifer Hughes

Northside Middle: Ainsley Allen, Joshua Arega, Abigail Boone, Luke Carroll, Cassie Drew, Zachary Garrison, Cole Geyer, Macy Giles, Bruce Powers, Chaz Pierce, Sydney Springs, Chloe Sturkie, Tara O’Toole, Kaia Vega, Jackson Ward, Katelyn Welch, Dylan Whitman.








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