Kinetic Derby Day to be covered in yarn, part of Jasper Project Artisan Village on State St.

Photo from Yarnbombing of Columbia Facebook page.

West Columbia’s second annual Kinetic Derby Day will include the work of the Yarnbombers of Columbia.

“We are excited to yarn bomb in West Columbia, and be a part of Kinetic Derby Day,” said Lead Artist of the Yarnbombers, Bohumila Augustinova.

The Yarnbombers will begin installationĀ around noon, in the 100 block of State StreetĀ  on April 26 (the Friday before Kinetic Derby Day.) The art will be ready by the following day for Kinetic Derby Day.

The group will also be a part of the Jasper Project Artisan Village on State Street the day of the festival from 11 a.m to 3 p.m. Members of the group will teach participants how to crochet and knit simple items like pom poms. The Jasper Project Artisan Village will be a display of multiple artists’ exhibitions and demonstrations. Attendees will be able to view and interact with many different types of art.

More information about participating artists can be found at

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