Governor extends state of emergency order, Monday

Gov. Henry McMaster in a meeting- McMaster photo.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster signed an extension of the state of emergency, Monday.

McMaster signed the 15-day extension of the order the day the previous state emergency order would have expired. The governor can only issue a state of emergency in 15 day increments, according to state law.

“South Carolina continues to fight this deadly virus with every asset and resource available,” said McMaster. “While we are making progress, we must remain vigilant with expanding prevention and testing efforts. Our state is also facing an economic disruption and emergency the likes of which we’ve never seen, and we are working tirelessly to get our businesses back up and running and our people back to work as soon and as safely as possible.”
During the state of emergency, the stay at home order, except for work, stays in effect. McMaster can rescind the order at any time.

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