God be with the “family grieving the loss of this precious little girl”

Don’t let your hearts be troubled, because God has prepared a place for Faye Marie Swetlik in heaven. That was the message from Senior Pastor Eddie Coakley at Faye’s memorial service held at Trinity Baptist Church, Friday.

He said Faye is in the arms of the God who loves her. Coakley also asked God to be with the “family grieving the loss of this precious little girl.”

The service included family photos and videos of the Springdale Elementary first-grader. One showed Faye singing “You are my sunshine.” There were also pictures of her at the zoo, at school and at home playing the games children play.

Coakley said Salina, Faye’s mother, told him: Faye is my everything, She became my whole world. The mother who lost her little girl to an abductor on Feb. 10, also told Coakley Faye loved so hard and she never wanted to see anyone sad. Faye wanted to bring people together.

Coakley said Faye was a really particular young lady who loved the colors of pink and purple. She dressed with those colors in mind, regardless of matching.

God wanted more color in the world so He created Faye, said Coakley. She called her Sprite lemon-lime soda and the six-year-old packed her own lunch, sneaking in Kit-Kat bars. 

Coakley said she felt like it was her job to make sure everyone felt loved and everyone felt special. 

Before closing, Coakley said Faye would like it if we all showed just a little bit more love to the people we meet. 

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