Glen Conwell “ready to work” after winning Lexington County Council seat

Glen Conwell

Glen Conwell accomplished an improbable feat on June 12. The former Lexington Two School Board member won a three-way primary for the District 8 Lexington County Council seat. He defeated incumbent Ned Tolar and challenger Chuck Crouch on the first ballot.

To win, Conwell had to get more than 50 percent of the vote. He is a Republican, and no Democrat filed to oppose him in the November election. Unless a write-in candidate is elected, Conwell will be seated on council in January. He said he will closely study council- or take a “crash course” – until then.  “I’m ecstatic to win,” said Conwell.

But now he said he is ready to roll up his sleeves and represent the people of West Columbia and Lexington. Portions of those municipalities are included in the district. Parts of the Lexington Two District and parts of the Lexington One School District are in District 8, too. Conwell said he will be inclusive.

“I will have an open-door policy,” said Conwell. “I’m willing to work with everybody. We all need to work together.” Conwell said. “Nothing productive comes from bickering and fighting.” He said he may be able to get an answer for a constituent more quickly too.

Conwell said he is conservative, but he plans to be reasonable when considering budgetary spending. He said there are essential items that include fire services, EMS and public safety. And “good roads” are another consideration.

Conwell also said he will listen and he will rely on experience.

“My time on the school board helped. I learned some valuable lessons. I learned a lot on the school board.”

He said he will take all that he has learned and use it in his new role.

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