“FLOCK Loves TEACHERS” Campaign Awards 3 More Teachers

Three Lexington School District 2 teachers were recognized on Monday as part of House of Raeford’s new “FLOCK Loves Teachers” campaign.

Hope Vrana of Springdale with Mrs. Brantley and Chuck Underhill, House of Raeford.

The focus of the campaign is to bring attention to incredible people or organizations across our community and this week, local educators were celebrated. Each teacher received a $350 Amazon Gift Card and a painting as part of the recognition.

The presentations were held on Monday, at their respected schools.
The teachers receiving the gifts were: Alie Brantly, 5th grade teacher at Springdale Elementary; Allison Jeffcoat, 1st grade teacher at Riverbank Elementary; and Jerrell Davis, Kindergarten teacher at Saluda River Academy for the Arts.

Hope Vrana, Principal at Springdale Elementary shared, “We chose Mrs. Brantley for many reasons. Her constant positivity, dedication to students, instructional leadership, and willingness to do whatever it takes to help our students win.”

Jerrell Davis, Kindergarten teacher at Saluda River

“We hoped this campaign would have a positive impact in our district and for our teachers” said Chuck Underhill with House of Raeford. “’FLOCK Loves Teachers’ has exceeded our expectations, and we are continually humbled to have the opportunity to say thank you to these incredible educators.”

Each teacher was selected by their administrators and chosen because of their commitment to their students and their team.

“What an honor to be chosen for the #FLOCKlovesTeachers campaign,” said Jerrell Davis. “It feels great to see your hard work is noticed and appreciated! I love what I do!”

Allison Jeffcoat, 1st grade teacher at Riverbank

FLOCK is an acronym for Faithful Love Offering for Christ’s Kingdom. As a nonprofit outreach program, FLOCK partners with charitable organizations to responsibly distribute resources—monetary gifts, product donations, and volunteer activities—to help meet the needs in communities where House of Raeford Farms has operations.

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