First West Columbia City Council meeting without Tommy Parler is Tuesday

Tommy Parler

When West Columbia City Council convenes, Tuesday, Councilman Tommy Parler will not be seated.

After three terms, Parler chose not to run in 2017. Erin Porter will be sworn-in to take his place.
“It was time to step down” said Parler.

Parler, was with the West Columbia Fire Department for 25 years, was first elected in 2005. He said he wanted to do something to help Jarvis Klapman Boulevard look better and finish the landscaping at the City Hall Complex.

“The West Columbia Beautification Foundation was one of the ideas that I had,” said Parler. He and Councilman Dale Harley founded the WCBF.

“I asked for a grant from the city and I was shocked they gave it to me,” said Parler. He also procured more funding from Lexington County for beautification efforts.

“Tommy has done a super job, not only for his district, but for the citizens and the city of West Columbia,” said Mayor Bobby Horton. He also said Parler has been dedicated to the beautification and cleaning up of the city.

In time, projects from Sunset Boulevard to Triangle City have been spearheaded with support from the WCBF. The WCBF now has dozens of members and it’s annual Tribute for Trees fundraiser in September brought in more than $25,000. A fundraiser organized by WCBF member Bill Mooneyhan and entitled “Taste on the River” is another successful event that helps the WCBF.
“It’s really taking off,” said Parler of the WCBF. “It has really grown.”

Parler also mentioned the West Columbia “Clean-up Day” an idea that he came up with.
“The first one we had went so well, we have one in the spring and fall of every year,” he said. “That’s a project I’m proud of.”

Parler said seeing through the development of the city’s State and Meeting streets property was important to him. Ground was broken on the multi-million project in January.
While a councilman, Parler had a reputation for integrity.
“We are going to miss his wisdom and guidance on city council. You cannot get a better public servant than him,” said Horton.
Parler said he always felt it is important to respect fellow council members.
“We still remained friends, even if we did not agree,” said Parler.
In retirement, Parler said he will stay busy. He and his wife Dora (Doranne) has three grown children, five grandchildren.
“There’s plenty to do around here,” said Parler.

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