Enhancements to River District good for Kinetic Derby Day’s future

“It was a wonderful event,” Special Events Coordinator Kelli Ricard told West Columbia City Council at council’s May meeting, as she gave her final report on the 2019 Kinetic Derby Day.

The event was a huge success in its second year Ricard said. It drew three times as many visitors than the first Kinetic Derby Day. And there were more vendors, more participants in the parade and in the soap box racing events for adults and children.

Ricard said there is lots of excitement surrounding Kinetic Derby Day and planners are eagerly anticipating next year’s festival.

And Kinetic Derby Day is not all there is to look forward to. By Spring 2020 there will be two new parks in the River District. The Interactive Art Park, behind the Terra restaurant, on Meeting Street will open soon. The Enabling Park, near Riverwalk will also be completed in the near future. Both parks will be available for the third Kinetic Derby day in 2020. 

Also, the Savage Craft Ale Works in West Columbia’s old City Hall building that will connect to the art park from Center Street should also be close to being completed, in the spring of 2020. With all the new projects there will be more parking spots available, when construction is over.

“With the Interactive Art park finished, it will be the hub for Kinetic Derby Day next year, said West Columbia Councilman Mayor Pro-Tem, Tem Miles. The event is held in the district Miles represents.

Brookland connectivity.

Miles said he is thrilled with the just-completed Kinetic Derby Day.

“It was a great event,” Miles said. “I was very, very happy with the way it went.”

Miles said success this year helps lay the groundwork for next year- and the next few years.

“It grew this year, and I believe it will just keep growing,” he said.

Miles said the projects coming into The River District will make the area more conducive as a host, and that ignites anticipation.

Enabling Park different view.

“All of the additions coming to the area should make for a more convenient event,” said Miles. “I’m certainly excited for Kinetic Derby Day going forward.”

Miles also said he is excited as the Savage Craft Ale Works project moves forward. “That will connect to the art park from Center Street,” said Miles. “I like the possibilities.”

West Columbia Mayor Bobby Horton said he also envisions Kinetic Derby Day getting “bigger and better.”

“With the Interactive Art Park, the Enabling Park and the prospect of Savage Craft Ale Works being open, there will be a lot of walking traffic to everything,” said Horton. “It all ties together.”

Horton also said the unique nature of Kinetic Derby Day is attractive.

City offering parking options while construction is going on.

“We had people from Charleston, Augusta and from all over the state, and beyond” Horton said. “It’s a signature event for the residents of West Columbia. Kinetic Derby day has a good family feel. And I think with the parks completed next year, and Savage Craft Ale Works, there will be lots of things to do before and after Kinetic Derby Day. It’s an awesome event, and I’m definitely already looking forward to the next one.”

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