Ellett Brothers of Chapin to close

Ellett Brothers of Chapin has notified its employees that it will permanently close.

The announcment came last weekend and informed peronnel Ellett Brothers would close by Aug. 5.

Employees received a letter telling them Ellett Brothers will close from United Sporting Company, the owner of Ellett Brothers.

The business has been a fixture in Chapin since 1933. It markets and distributes firearms, camping, archer, hunting and other outdoor activity products. Ellett Brothers employs between 170 and 200 people.

“The entire facility will be closed and all employees at the facility will be impacted. This notice has been provided as soon as reasonably practicable in light of the company’s continued efforts to actively seek additional capital or a sale of the company to avoid the planned closure and adverse effect that prior notice would have had on such efforts,” according to the letter to employees.

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