Davis Early Childhood students plant seeds at Julius Felder Community Garden, Cayce

The Davis Early Childhood Center for Technology kindergarten class of Carla Adams and Hasina Amijis assisted the Julius Felder Coalition for Change Community with a garden project.

Davis students at the Julius Felder Community Garden, Cayce. 

The community garden on Allen Street in Cayce is in its fourth year. Adams said this is the second year that her and Mrs. Amiji have participated in the garden project. The students were in the garden Thursday to learn more about plants, and growing.

Pamela Sulton the garden project coordinator and treasurer has planned this event both times that the Lexington District Two School has participated.

Sulton said it is important to show students the origins of vegetables and flowers with hands-on experience. She said the garden consists of 22 beds in the garden.  The plots are available to members of the community year-round to plant and nurture as a community project.

The Julius Felder Coalition for Change Community has existed for 15 years and it provides outreach to the community, including the schools, with assistance in participating in the garden project.

Volunteers from Adams’ class consisted of two parents, Molissa Knotts and Donna Mayson.
Also, Keyanna Dozier, a staff member from the school, volunteered her assistance in planting the garden. Community members that assisted were Roger Robinson and Stevie Glover. Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. Carpenter, Adams’ parents, came to the class to work with students, too.

Supporters of the garden include:
Yandle’s Plant and Produce from the S.C. State Farmer’s Market
Justin Creech and the Cayce Farmers Market, Cayce.
Consumer Seed and Seed Store and Garden Supplies, Lexington.
Riverbank’s Zoo and Garden , Columbia. Davis Early Childhood students grow knowledge at Julius Felder Community Garden, Cayce

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