Crosswalk installed on Sunset Boulevard in front of House of Raeford

The City of West Columbia, in a public-private partnership, has completed the installation of the High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk Beacon (HAWK) on Sunset Boulevard in front of House of Raeford.Crosswalk 2

The project was made possible with an award from Lexington County C-Funds and matching funds from House of Raeford. J. Moore Electrical was the lowest bidding contractor and installed the signal.

Tara Greenwood, Director of Grants and Special Projects, said, “We’re excited to have this traffic signal to help facilitate pedestrian safety by creating an organized process where drivers and pedestrians can work together.”

A HAWK signal is a traffic control device used to stop road traffic and allow pedestrians to cross safely. The signal creates a new point on Sunset Boulevard where traffic will be stopped intermittently. The new signal must be used as follows:

Flashing Yellow Light: Use caution, keep driving
Solid Yellow Light: Use caution, be prepared to stopCross walk 3
Solid Red Light: Stop
Flashing Red Light: Stop and proceed when clear
Dark until Activated: Proceed as normal

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