Competitors have perfect day on Saluda River for Millrace Massacre and Iceman Championships

This year’s winners of the 20th Annual Millrace Massacre and Iceman Championships are Hunter Cooper in the men’s division and Christina Passafaro in the women’s division, advanced class). Alex Butler and Karen Jackson were novice class winners.

The completion attracted a few dozen kayakers to the rapids of the Saluda River near Riverbanks Zoo, Saturday.

“It was a beautiful day on the river,” said Michael Mayo of Palmetto Outdoor. “It’s January, but you needed sunscreen.”

Erin Smith, who manages the event said the Saluda River water level had been dropped. Saturday. “It’s perfect for the race,” she said.

The Millrace Massacre is a race against the clock, one after another. It was the first event of the day, Kayakers competed in the timed race navigating a course of rapids.

All kayakers began the Iceman Championships at the same time. When they got to the bridge, the competitors get out of the river and carry their kayaks back to the top of the rapids to race again. But this time they jump from their watercraft, dragging it along, while swimming to the rive bank in the icy water.

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