Cayce’s Something Borrowed reminds us things will get better after COVID-19

Lee Pitcovich at The Gervais Street Bridge Dinner

Business may be down currently for Something Borrowed because of the coronavirus, but it will get better once the crisis has passed.

The Cayce-based business provides everything from tents and tables to chairs and lights for open houses, festivals, wedding parties, trade shows and meetings. From the Gervais Street Bridge Dinner and Columbia’s Food and Wine Festival to Dinner on the Dam to Taste on the River, Something Borrowed has a pressence.

“We were having our best year yet,” said Lee Pitcovich, owner of Something Borrowed. Then the coronavirus put an abrupt stop to social gatherings. Pitcovich said the company had already invested $50,000 in equipment just for the 2020 event season.

“Then it all went from red hot to zero,” said Pitcovich, formerly of Celebrations.  But don’t feel sorry for him. The company, that was established four years ago, has some reserves on hand to weather the hard times.

“We have a staff of 12 people and we’re keeping all of them,” said Pitcovich. “We have a really clean warehouse.”

Since Something Borrowed is a private contractor, not a retail business, there is no showroom to close, or customer service staff to lay off.

And the drought won’t last forever. Even though April is normally his busiest month, Pitcovich feels confident a pent up demand will be released for Something Borrowed’s services after the virus crisis ends.

“We’ll be ready to party,” he said. “There will be a catch-up effect.”

One of Something Borrowed’s biggest events, the Food and Wine festival has already been rescheduled for August. It will be on the grounds of Columbia’s Hampton-Preston Mansion. 

After April, October is the next busiest month for Something Borrowed. Pitcovich said that will help as the business rides out the storm.

“We’re a good company and we’re in good shape,” said Pitcovich. “My hope is that we can be stronger, and more competitive, after this is over.”

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