Cayce Woman’s Club honored by Cayce City Council for 80 years

Cayce Mayor Elis Partin with the Cayce Woman’s Club and Cayce Council members Skip Jenkins, Eva Corley and Tara Almond.

There were a few special people who were recognized at the  meeting Tuesday night.

Mayor Elise Partin and Cayce City Council honored the Cayce Woman’s Club for their service to the community on the club’s 80th anniversary. The club was recognized at the Cayce City Council meeting last week.

“We are excited to consider a resolution recognizing the Woman’s Club on their 80th anniversary,” said Partin.

After a motion to commend the club was approved, the Woman’s Club members were asked to come up to the front of council chambers.

Partin spoke on the history of the club, and their involvement in the City of Cayce. The club was founded in 1937, and in 1939 land was donated to their group, according to Partin. Then in 1940, 34 members of the club authorized a bank note of $1,000 to build a club house.

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