Cayce Public Safety investigates sexual favor request claim that originated on social media

The Cayce Department of Public Safety has received inquiries concerning a Facebook post from an individual notifying citizens about a suspicious incident that occurred in the City of Cayce.

The post appeared on Monday and described an incident that involved an adult male stopping another adult male and asking for sexual favors. The post was reported to investigators at the Cayce Department of Public Safety and they began investigating the legitimacy of the post. There had been no reports of the incident filed prior to the investigation.

However, investigators found the post was credible and that another similar incident had occurred “several weeks ago”; the October 2, 2017 incident was the second. Investigators identified the subject that allegedly approached the males, interviewed him, and are still investigating.

There have been no additional reports of other incidents at this time.

While the Cayce Department of Public Safety continually monitors social media for these types of posts, citizens are encouraged to report suspicious activity and/or crimes directly to the department at 803-794-0456, or call 9-1-1 in case of emergency.

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