Cayce approves funding plan to upgrade appearance

Look for some changes to come to Cayce.

Cayce Streetscape

Streetscape plans.

The City of Cayce is preparing to develop new projects at its entryway from the Blossom Street Bridge and along the Riverwalk trail, that extends toward the 12th Street Extension.

Cayce has long planned to install landscaped medians, and an improved pedestrian walkway on Knox Abbott Drive. Phase One of the plan would include upgrades in a partnership with the new Tremont Apartments.

City Council approved an ordinance late in February that will allow the city to use TIF (Tax Increment Financing) funds – and projected growth of tax revenue- for the next two decades to fund the projects. A total of $19 million – over time-  is expected in revenue from the TIF.

Some of the money approved from the TIF fund would be matched with grants from the S.C. Department of Transportation and Community Development Grants, according to a PowerPoint presentation made available by City of Cayce  Spokeswoman Ashley Hunter.Tax_boy_300x300_maximize_wmetro

Work on the plan to improve the city aesthetically could begin this spring.
In addition to the streetscaping, the city wants to develop its 12,000-Year History Park in the Congaree Creek area. The park intersects Cayce’s Riverwalk and the Timmerman Trail off of the 12th Street Extension.

Other projects included in the TIF funding are for a portion of the demolition costs of of the Motel 6 property on Knox-Abbott and Riverwalk repairs. Renovations for city parks and a public safety building are other projects listed as goals by the city.


Guignard Brickworks property.


Knox-Abbott, Cayce looking west.

Knox-Abbott, Cayce, looking east.

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