Carolina Water Services rejects Town of Lexington’s offer for I-20 facility, condemnation process begins

Carolina Water Services, Inc., rejected the $1,584,000 offer in condemnation from the Town of Lexington for the Company’s I-20 facility.

In announcing the rejection of the offer, CWS stated in a press release, that condemnation proceedings, of the facility, can begin immediately.

The Town of Lexington said it had started the process to condemn the CWS facility so the town can take it over from CWS.

CWS also said it has a long supported and promoted the process of condemnation of the plant.  CWS said does not intend to challenge the Town’s authority to condemn the I-20 system.

CWS also said in the release: 

  • The Town can now, and should now, take immediate possession of the plant, also supported by CWS. The ball is now in the Town’s court on how swiftly this moves forward – we encourage them to not delay.
  • This opens the way for the Town to immediately remove the I-20 System discharge of treated wastewater from the Lower Saluda River. As has always been the case, it is entirely in the hands of the Town of Lexington.
  • Accusations by the Mayor and Town Administrator regarding the condition of the I-20 System are blatantly false. Their own appraisal states: “Based upon the findings of the field review, NewGen is of the opinion that the System has been maintained and kept in adequate working order and condition.”

We look forward to moving through this process quickly and encourage the Town to make every effort to not delay these proceedings as they have done in the past.

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