Carolina Water Service transfers ownership of I-20 plant to Town of Lexington

Carolina Water Service, Inc., officially transferred ownership of its I-20 wastewater treatment plant, Thursday at 8:30 a.m. to the Town of Lexington.

As previously agreed, CWS officials handed over the keys to Town officials this morning. From this point forward, CWS sewer customers served by the treatment facility are now customers of the Town of Lexington.

While the Town is now the owner of and responsible for the I-20 system, the ultimate price CWS will be paid for the system remains to be decided. As part of the condemnation process, a Lexington County court and jury will decide a fair value based on appraisals—which we expect will be significantly different—from both CWS and the Town.

“As we have demonstrated for many years, it has long been CWS’ goal to eliminate the fully-treated discharge from this plant into the Saluda River,” said Bob Gilroy, Vice President of Operations for CWS. “Today is the realization of that goal and we have worked diligently with the Town to make sure this has been a smooth transition.”

The Town of Lexington can be reached at 1-803-358-1581 or by email at CWS customers who have questions or concerns may call our customer service line at 1-800-367-4314.

Carolina Water Service, Inc., is headquartered in West Columbia, SC, and provides drinking water and waste water services to approximately 28,000 customers throughout the state.

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