Brookland-Cayce Theater students present “Don’t Drink The Water” in improvisational space while school’s auditorium is renovated

The unique 360-degree performance of the play in one of the rooms in the school. The BCHS auditorium is being renovated, so the play venue was moved.

The Brookland Cayce Theater Department kicked off the first night of two play presentations on Thursday.
The student players performed their fall play, “Don’t Drink The Water.” Their second performance was Friday.

Theater Director, Matthew Sparkman said the play is special.

“What’s fantastic about this particular play is that we have been forced into doing a play like this because of the circumstances of the renovation (of the Brookland-Cayce High School auditorium.) This historic theater that has been at the school since 1930 is currently unable to be performed in,” he said. “We are being forced to relocate to the chorus room, and I believe this is a great opportunity to expose the students to a different type of acting that they might not normally be exposed to which is called ‘acting in the round.’ The audience is three-hundred and sixty degrees all around the performers and the stage is in the center. The result of this is a more genuine, real, and intimate type of theater that provides the audience with a much more personal view of the performance.”

“Don’t Drink The Water” is a play written by Woody Allen. It’s about a family trapped in the US Embassy by communist police in a communist country. Upon being chased into the US Embassy by evil communist General Krojack (Ashton Clonts), US citizen father Walter (Taylor Giles), mother Marion (Megan Jacobs), and daughter Susan (Sydney Davis) are forced to find a way out without being captured.

The predicament is in the hands of Axel MaGee (Luka Parker), who was left in charge of the embassy by his father, the Ambassador (Henry Barry.) Throughout the play they attempt to find a way to make it out of the country alive. The lead in the play, Luka Parker, actually had no prior experience acting at Brookland Cayce before opening night. But he did have a comment. “New stage, new experience, great for everybody,” Parker said.


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