Black Rooster -offers fantastic view- could open next week

Black Rooster is operating on an invitation-only schedule, with plans to open next week.

The French restaurant is at the lower corner of the Brookland complex, and it overlooks the scenic Congaree River, at West Columbia’s popular Riverwalk. The French brasserie or bistro-type venue is already a hit to the few who have gotten the chance to enjoy it.

Butch Brutschy.

“We had an exquisite meal at Black Rooster last night,” said Butch Brutschy, Wednesday. He lives a short walk away from the new restaurant in West Columbia’s River District.

Brutschy dined with his wife, Jeanne. He said the two of them are frequent travelers to other cities. Brutschy said Black Rooster is second-to-none. “Black Rooster is a world class experience,” he said. “My wife ‘Googles’ restaurants with the best view,” Brutschy said. “Black Rooster has the most fantastic view of our city.”

Aside from the view, Brutschy said he liked the “vibe” of Black Rooster. “It’s just so cool.” He also complimented Chef and Owner Kristian Niemi who was attentive and hospitable during the Brutschys’ visit. River District Councilman Tem Miles, West Columbia Mayor Pro-Tem, has visited Black Rooster. 

“It’s awesome,” Miles said. “It looks great and it offers a great environment with the best view of Columbia that you’ve ever seen. “And it’s the first place in West Columbia for French food,” Miles said. Miles said Black Rooster is part of the fabric that ties Brookland, Riverwalk, and the State Street area together.

Miles and Brutschy both said it has been inspirational to see the area around Riverwalk transition and develop.

“A lot has changed,” said Brutschy. “It’s been fun to watch it.” He also said artists and restaurants are important to cultural development.

In addition to Black Rooster opening, there will be an Opening Reception – entitled Coastal Constructs- for Jamie Blackburn at the Rob Shaw Gallery on Friday, from 6-to-9 p.m., at 324 State Street West Columbia.

Miles said he is excited to see so much going on, and so much progress in the district he represents “and it will just get better,” he said.

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