Artist donates commemorative eclipse prints to Lexington 2 schools

From left, Lexington 2 principals Christopher Dickey (B-C Grammar No. 1), Cecil McClary (Cayce Elementary) and Jeff Becker (Congaree Elementary) show commemorative eclipse prints for their schools.

The total eclipse on August 21, 2017, was an unforgettable moment for those who witnessed it in the skies over Columbia. And a Lexington 2 graduate wants to make sure it’s a moment area students will remember for years to come.

Artist Chris Lambries — who along with wife Margie graduated in 1976 from Brookland-Cayce High School — recently donated 500 commemorative eclipse prints to public and private schools in Richland and Lexington counties. “The Vista” and “The Vista, Too” prints are from Lambries’ “Our South Carolina” series. Both prints, originally featuring a full moon over the Columbia skyline, are reimagined with a total eclipse.

The Greater Cayce-West Columbia Chamber of Commerce is offering copies of the print for $20. Call 794-6504 for more information.

“It was a great project on several levels,” Lambries said. “If the art in some way inspires or ignites a child’s interest in science or art, if our educators enjoy the art and understand it is a ‘thank you’ for a tough job … if the very diverse group that stepped forward to sell the posters and make this possible understand how honored I was by their participation, then this was a great project.”

The donation to schools was made possible through a partnership with several organizations, including the municipalities of Lexington, Cayce, West Columbia and Columbia, The Cayce-West Columbia Chamber of Commerce, other chambers, Capital City/Lake Murray Country, South Carolina State Museum and Columbia Museum of Art.

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