5 candidates vie for 3 seats on Lexington School District One Board

There are three at-large seats open on the Lexington School District One Board.

Five people are running for those seats, according to the Lexington County Election Commission.

The candidates are: Jada Boatwight Garris; Richard Kyle Guyton; Reese Lassiter McCurdy; Robert Christopher Rice; and Timothy Franklin Oswald.

About Lexington One, from the district’s website:

Lexington One serves more than 26,800 students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 with more than 3,740 employees (not including substitutes) and 30 schools (17 elementary schools, seven middle schools, five high schools, one technology center). The district also has alternative education services designed to help students at risk of expulsion.

The 360 square miles that make up Lexington District One stretch from the banks of Lake Murray to the county’s southern border with Aiken County. Our district occupies 48 percent of the county’s 750 square miles and is one of the county’s major employers. 2017 Census Data shows Lexington County’s population as 290,642 and the area that makes up Lexington One’s population as 121,030 or 46 percent of the county.

During the past 10 years (2008–2018), Lexington District One grew by an average of 505 new students per year. The district remains one of the fastest growing school districts in the state, ranking sixth in total enrollment.

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